Furry Friend Pet Sitting

Kendra does a great job taking care of our pup Bailey. She is very reliable, professional and flexible with our schedules. She is always willing to take care of Bailey anytime we need her. Her easy going and fun personality is very fitting for our young energetic lab!!

Kendra has been taking care of Jessie for about 2 years now, coming twice a day, every day during the week. Jessie was only 12 weeks old when Kendra started taking care of her. Jessie is an active English Bulldog Mix and it was important to find someone reliable and knowledgeable about pets. Kendra is very reliable, honest, and Kendra has the expertise to take care of Jessie properly. I highly recommend Kendra. Kendra is also very flexible and has helped me out numerous times when I had to work late or something came up, even on a short notice. Jessie always looked forward to Kendra coming and having someone to care for her.

Thank you Kendra for being a special person who loves pets.
—Daily Dog-Walking Client from Plainville Ma

Furry friends has been pet sitting for us since 2010. Kendra has been very reliable and flexible because our schedules are are always changing.  We would highly recommend her services.
—Daily Dog-Walking Client from
Norton, Ma

I was truly in a bind when I met Kendra Seitz. I was days away from a vacation in Arizona when my friend informed me that she now couldn’t take my dog for the four days. I was scrambling and was faced with the prospect of boarding my best bud in a kennel situation. Believe me when I say that neither one of us was looking forward to that. I found Kendra and took advantage of Furry Friends’ new in-home boarding and I couldn’t be happier with the results. To know that Satch was getting the one-on-one care that he’s used to really put my mind at ease while away from home. Needless to say I’ll be using Furry Friends Pet Sitting again and would recommend Kendra for all of your pet sitting needs.
—Vacation Client, South Easton

When we needed to find a new pet sitter for my four Himalayan cats so we could go on vacation for two weeks, I was very nervous.  It is always difficult to leave your "kids" and your home in the hands of a stranger.  However, as soon as I met Kendra, I stopped worrying because I immediately felt that I could trust her with both my pets and my home.  I knew they would be in good hands.  When we returned, it was obvious that my "babies" had received excellent care - I don't think they even missed us!  We will definitely hire Kendra in the future whenever we have travel plans. I would recommend Furry Friend Pet Sitting to anyone looking for a pet sitter who not only loves animals but is also very reliable and responsible. 
—Vacation client from Norton, MA

Kendra Seitz has been taking care of our four-legged family, consisting of four kitties and our epileptic dog for almost five months now. Not only will Kendra try to accomodate us, but all of our kids love her, and she loves them so things work out well!
—Periodic Vacation Client from Plainville, MA

I went on vacation and left my two cats and house full of plants in the charge of Kendra from Furry Friend Pet Sitting. She did a fantastic job! I will definitely give Kendra a call before my next vacation!
—Vacation Client from North Attleboro, MA

We have been completely thrilled with the care that Kendra has provided to our new puppy Scully. The quality of care and flexibility to our ever-changing requests has been outstainding. wE would recommend her to anyone!
—Daily Puppy Walking Client from Attleboro, MA

Kendra is a very detailed, thorough and efficient pet-sitter.  My dog looks forward to her visits, and I feel secure knowing that she will care for both my house and my pets as if they are her own.
—Periodic Dog-Walking Client, Mansfield, MA

Kendra Seitz is wonderful. She is very caring and committed toward animals and toward doing a great job. Kendra is very honest, trustworthy and dependable and we are perfectly comfortable with her in our home and caring for Simon.
—Daily Dog-Walking Client, North Attleboro, MA

 After having lost our dog walker of 10 years I was very eager to find a loving companion for our 11 year-old dog Casey.  I searched the web and quickly found Furry Friends Pet Sitting.  Kendra was quick to meet with us and Casey immediately knew he had a new best friend.  I feel very comfortable with Furry Friends and trust them to care for our dog when we’re away.  Kendra is caring and loving and provides companionship for Casey!”…….
—Daily Dog-Walking Client, North Attleboro, MA

Kendra has done a wonderful job taking care of our dog, Callie, three times a week. We both work and Kendra’s services really help us take care of our first kid. She’s been walking Callie for us since she was a pup and we all love her. I would recommend Kendra to anyone!
—Regular Dog Walking Client from Attleboro,MA

Kendra has been walking our dog for a few years now. He is normally pretty anxious when we are gone, so it is a relief to know he is being well taken care of by someone so reliable and well-qualified.
—Vacation Client from North Attleboro,MA

This is to introduce Kendra Seitz who has been my dog sitter for over two tears.  My dog is a twelve year old ShihTzu.  Kendra has a knack for gaining a pets confidence and very quickly had my dog as a friend; She has taken care of my dog for up to three weeks at a time. In addition when I went south for two months this year she did an excellent job watching my apartment and bringing in the mail.  She is honest, reliable andpunctual.  I recommend her highly.
—a Vacation client from Plainville, MA

Kendra has been an absolute asset for me and my babies.  The benefits of having the animals stay at home while I travel for work has been self evident in their behavior, especially when it comes to Miss Molly who suffers great anxiety when away from home.  They are much happier and content.  Kendra also walks Molly 3 times a week on a regular basis, which helps me out when I have difficulty getting out of the office at lunch time.  It has been an all around great experience for both me and my animals.
—a Regular Dog Walking Client from Norwood, MA