Frequently Asked Questions

Will we meet before service begins?
Yes, an initial consultation is required before service may be provided. The consult usually lasts between half an hour to one hour, and this will give us time to go over paperwork, tour your home and become familiar with your pets’ routine. This initial meeting is free.

Please be sure to call far enough in advance to schedule the initial consultation. Although we do take last minute service requests, notice and time to prepare is always appreciated.

Are your rates per pet?
No, all rates are by time only and almost all tasks are included. The time slots scheduled by clients beforehand has almost always been sufficient to complete the needed tasks, but if extra time is needed, this will be charged to you and payment will be expected within a reasonable time period.

In seven months of business, there have only been one or two times where extra time was needed to complete unexpected tasks. And the extra time needed was fifteen minutes or less.

Do you provide overnights or stay in the home?

We do offer overnights, and many new clients ask for this service.  However, overnights do cost more.  As a result, every client that asked for an overnight and decided to try 2-4 visits per day and found that it worked great for their pet. Most dogs and cats actually prefer not having a non-family member staying overnight while they sleep.  And after 20 minutes to 1 hour with a pet sitter, they are done playing and getting attention, and are ready to go back to a nap until the next visit. 

We also find that many pets that tend to have accidents have less accidents when they realize a pet sitter is coming on a schedule.  And if there are any accidents, we are happy to clean up or do more frequent visits. 

How many times do you visit and at what time?
Furry Friends Pet Sitting’s hours range from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. The most requested visit is 30 minute visits every 4-8 hours. Arrangements after 9 pm may be made, but you will be charge an extra $2 per visit.
Why is pet sitting so expensive?

For many people, having a pet sitter is something new and different.  Often times, clients new to pet sitting compare us to babysitters or teenage house sitters.  There really is a huge difference between having a professional pet sitter and having a friend or family member watch your pet.

Furry Friend Pet Sitting actively participates in pet sitting groups and forums and does its best to keep its rates as low as possible.  We do our best to keep our rates reasonable, along with all the benefits of a professional caregiver for your home.

What can I expect from a non-professional pet sitter?
From listening to others’ experiences, I have learned that many times friends and family members agree to watch pets but last minute obligations tend to come up and conflict with care giving. This can end up being a real issue if you have already left for vacation or are gone for a longer period of time.

From listening to others’ experiences, I have learned that hiring teenage neighbors is not always a positive experience. Teenagers initially get excited for a few days about caring for someone else’s pets, but then the daily routine becomes boring to them. Teenagers may stop going entirely, and the pet can go uncared for for days.

Certain tasks may get missed with a non-professional pet sitter watching your home. With a professional pet-sitter watching your home, we will take the extra time to make sure all tasks are completed. This may not happen with a friend or family member.

What can I expect from a professional pet sitter?
Scheduled care with no shortcuts. In the case of an emergency or urgent problem where personally we cannot make the scheduled care, we will use a back up plan to care for your pets. Part of this plan is to have an emergency back-up sitter cover the sit or to call you or your emergency contact to reschedule. If your pet is inconvenienced in any way we will refund your money or give you a partial credit.

You are welcome to call any time to add tasks, check up on your pet, and to verify upcoming service dates and times. I carry a cell phone and return most calls the same day.I use detailed notes/logs to let you know the care your pet is receiving and how he or she did.Both Shawn and Kendra are insured and do not bring along company or visitors.Little extras to make your home comfortable to come back to. This includes brushings, bringing the mail in,checking the temperature, cleaning up dog or cat tracks. These services are all included for free.

No worries. You deserve a worry-free time away!

Can I trust having a stranger in my home?
Yes! At Furry Friends Pet Sitting, our goal is to be honest, respectful, trustworthy and reliable. But we do understand that having a stranger in your home for the first time can nerve-wracking-which is natural! To ease any nervousness, please ask lots of questions at the initial consultation. Also, we do not hire employees.

We welcome you to call all of our references, and will provide a list of them to you at the initial consultation upon request. We would like to build a trusting relationship with you. Most clients feel comfortable with us after the first or second visit, and recommend us to others with enthusiasm.

What will you do with our pets?
Walk, play, pet, brush, clean up-whatever you ask for. We are there to make your pet comfortable and make the owner worry-free while away!
How did you become a pet sitter?
Furry Friends was started by Kendra Seitz after she decided to leave the human services field and do something with animals instead. Kendra has always loved pets and starting a business has always appealed to her. It was a great fit! The hours, tasks and flexibility fit perfectly with her lifestyle.

The pet sitting business idea came from lots of research online. Kendra found that pet sitting is very popular and information on it is everywhere. Kendra did extensive research before she went fully into the business, and she currently belongs to message boards and professional pet sitting organizations.

Looking For A Professional?

Traveling? Working long or unusual hours? Pets suffer from separation anxiety or borden-induced behaviours? Is your dog active and require a high level of exercise? Does your dog need frequent bathroom breaks or have special needs? Injured or elderly and not able to fully care for your pet? We're here to help!