Professional Pet Services

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Rates in North Attleboro


Initial Consultation (30 Minutes- One Hour)

At this visit, you can interview the pet sitter to make sure the sitter is a good match for your pet. At this time, we can complete the necessary paperwork, transfer keys, take a tour of your home and discuss your pet’s routine and care instructions.


Hourly Care (One Hour)

Best for long walks, multiple pet homes and pets with special diets or other special needs.

Extended Visit (45 Minutes)

Extended Visit- Best for long walks, multiple pet homes and pets with special diets or other special needs

-40 minutes minimum


Regular Visit (30 Minutes)

This is the most popular visit. A regular visit is a good amount of time for a nice walk and attention.

-25 minutes minimum


Value Visit (20 Minutes)

A value visit allows for a good walk if no feedings or other tasks are required.

-15 minutes minimum


Drop-In Visit (10 Minutes or less)

This visit usually works best for cat households. It leaves enough time to scoop litter box and a feeding

dog walking

Dog Walking, Pet and Puppy Care

Dog walking services include pet walking, mid-day feedings, play-time for puppies and relief when stuck working late.

How often do puppies need breaks? The average puppy should not be left alone for more than four hours. A puppy left alone for longer periods of time will develop personality problems or annoying habits which can become severe.

Some other pets can dogs can go 8, 10 or even 12 hours without a bathroom break. However, most pets will be susceptible to separation anxiety, urinary problems, boredom-induced behaviors, excessive barking, frequent accidents or other problems when left alone for long periods of time.

Our dog walking service is designed to allow you to go to work or away from home without worrying about your pet. We also provide exercise for your pet if you are too busy or unable to walk your pet regularly.

vacation pet sitting

At-Home Vacation Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting service provides you with a worry-free trip away from home. The basic visit charge includes all of the services listed below. At your initial consult, please specify which services listed are relevant for your pet: 

  • All pets (no extra fee for multiple pets)
  • Walks, exercise
  • Play time and lots of attention
  • Games
  • Treats (if allowed)
  • Bring in mail
  • Feeding
  • Provide fresh water
  • Giving medications
  • Light rotation
  • Leaving television or radio on
  • Other basic house tasks
Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi

We provide transportation for pets to whatever destination the owner needs, including doggy day care, vet appointments, the groomers and other transportation needs. Pet taxi rates are the same as dog walking and vacation services. If you are interested in this service, ask for more information.

Looking For A Professional?

Traveling? Working long or unusual hours? Pets suffer from separation anxiety or borden-induced behaviours? Is your dog active and require a high level of exercise? Does your dog need frequent bathroom breaks or have special needs? Injured or elderly and not able to fully care for your pet? We're here to help!